Friday, 18 June 2021



At Northwood Floor Sanding, we all know that when it comes to hardwood flooring it's not 1 size fits all. Style changes by both homeowner and home. That is why we offer several distinct kinds of hardwood floors for you to pick from. You can personalize your hardwood flooring by blot, layout, design, and species of wood. Here are six distinct species choices to choose from and the reason why they will function in your home. Every one of these wood species may come blank, meaning without knots in the wood, or they may come with a few knots or even full knots to add character. It is all dependent on your stylistic preference.


Red Oak flooring have a rich reddish tint. They can come in a variety of plank widths. This is almost always a timeless appearance, with thick planks becoming more dramatic.


White Oak floors can be stained any color, from white to tans and browns. They've closely spaced growth lines and may be milled a specific way, rift or quartered. This will give the wood another grain pattern. White Oak can be milled with a right, radial, or a level sawn grain layout.


Walnut hardwood flooring have rich chocolate colors with lovely auburn and blonde undertones. Its beautiful and elaborate grain patterns make for an attractive flooring choice with a great deal of character. Pick from several stain choices or none at all with this elegant hardwood species. The wood is very durable and powerful, perfect for entryways and chambers which have high traffic.


Hickory hardwood's complex grain of this wood lends to its character, making it popular in wide planks. It is a very durable species, but has to be properly acclimated to the area and dried correctly for quality installation. We glue our hickory flooring down to reduce warping.


Maple hardwood floors are rich and elegant. They are softer species of wood that is a good match for chambers with a lower degree of traffic.


American Cherry is considered to be an"exotic" species of wood and has superior graining and colour. Because of this, many homeowners choose bigger planks to show off its own character. Telephone Northwood Floor Sanding Today for a free consultation on hardwood floor installation in your home.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

3 STEPS to clearn your wooden floor if you have urine or odor

1.While urine is still wet, immediately spread paper towels over the puddle. Blot up as much as you can, being sure to get to the outer edges. Before the floor dries, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the area and let it sit and absorb the wetness overnight. A commercial enzyme-based product also helps to clean and deodorize urine odors as the enzymes help to break down urine crystals.

2.If odor persists, combine a half cup each of baking soda, white vinegar and dish soap and add enough 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to increase the mixture's volume by 10 percent. Saturate the area well. Let the solution sit for at least 15 minutes, then blot with paper towels. Once dry, try the sniff test.

3.If home remedies and commercial cleaning products don't work, the next step to removing urine odor may be sanding and refinishing the area. In the case where repeatedly soiled areas continue to have odor, more aggressive measures, such as removing or replacing the wood, may be in order. Always treat the stain before trying to refinish the wood, as the heat of sanding may bake the urine crystals into the area causing the stain to darken.